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Creating spaces so magical and imaginative that a spirit for adventure is unlocked and every dream and fantasy becomes a reality.


Capturing the adventurous spirits and imaginations of the young and old.

I have several Key Accounts At Present

A network of 400+ private clients in and around the Western Cape
Various contracts for the Western Cape Education Department
Medi-Clinics across the Western Cape

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Mural Maniac has been featured in the following publications

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August 2006
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December 2006
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July 2010
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July 2011

Mural Maniac was commissioned to illustrate

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An emotional literacy programme for TowerStone HeartStart. TowerStone is an organisational development company and HeartStart is their CSI programme. The HeartStart Programme is run at the SOS Village in Thorton The programme covers 18 themes and a booklet was created by Theo le Roux for each theme.

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A youth activity booklet for Solid Waste Management City of Cape Town.

Successful team-building Interventions

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We also completed Home makeovers in collaboration with:
New Kidz on the Block, Woolworths and My school Logos
New Kidz on the Block, Woolworths and My school Logos
New Kidz on the Block, Woolworths and My school Logos

Personal Mastery for Corporate Leadership

Personal Mastery through Art

Words can be limiting in expressing oneself. Art however is a universal language that transcends language barriers and cultural differences. Art is a dynamic form of exploring yourself, of creating awareness around your interactions within groups, teams and/or relationships. This is possible because through art, non-verbal issues can be brought to the fore.

Access your inner world and the potential that lies therein. Through discussion, reflection, drawing, painting and the making of collages you will discover, free, heal and learn the inner motivations of the real you.

"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power."
Tao Te Ching
  • Explore personal mastery and emotional intelligence competencies through a creative process designed to unlock your creativity and realise your potential
  • Identify and challenge your own self-identity and biases to become a more inclusive leader
  • Define your purpose and vision
  • Assess your company culture and discover how you can foster inclusion by being a nourishing leader in a high trust environment