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   1. Nursery Rooms


In all my years painting murals in Nurseries, I have discovered that parents often realise their own dreams when choosing murals for their babies. This is why I love painting murals in Nurseries, because growing up, I would have loved memories of  a special room with my mom's voice echoing through it. 

I make sure  to advise new parents on using comfortable colours for their nurseries. Make sure that your Murals have potential for lots of stories, because from now on, new memories are made every day!

   2. Girls Murals


As the father of a little Fairy, (sadly, not so little anymore), I had to become an expert in this field very quickly. 

I am often still amazed to see how the Mural choices are influenced by the mothers reliving their childhoods. Watching the girls is even more magical, the  way they swing their arms around like  wings while ratteling off of their list of criteria for their Fairy Forest is enchanting.  Horses, Dolphins and Mermaids are also firm favourites with girls.

Parents must try and steer away from Murals that are too naive or simplistic. My Murals are mostly in 3D which creates longevity. Girls create magical stories which in turn become everlasting memories for you and your child.

   3. Boys Murals


Often I hear, "It is so difficult to choose a Mural for a boy". Nothing could be further from the truth. Underwater worlds, dinosaur stories, cars, pirates, space adventures, army camps.... and the list goes on.I thoroughly enjoy painting these because I get to relive my childhood over and over again and I love it!

 When using colour for boys, I have found that red ,as it is a very passionate colour, should only  be used as an accent colour as opposed  to being used as the main colour.

Boys are also the ones, I have found, that  are spending too long a time co-habitating with Mom and Dad. Therefore  I recommend that parents involve their boys in the decision making process  when choosing a Mural. Not only do they love the involvement, they take ownership of their "new bedrooms" and this makes the move so much easier.

Boys are not often too vocal in the planning process, but boy, does this change when they see the final product!

   4. Playrooms


Playrooms are the perfect place to have lots of fun in with your mural. Unlike bedrooms where you have to be conscious of an overload of vibrant colour, playrooms can be filled with colour, texture, glitter...

Playrooms are often doubled up as educational spaces. Kids can then learn and expolre simultaneously. Learning becomes fun!

   5. Decor


Murals are a fantastic replacement to make your dining room a glamorous space in your home.

Your dull pool area will become a permanent Holiday Resort.

And for the small back yard, why not have a vista disappearing into infinity!

Your imagination is your only limitation.

   6. Photo Boards


Photo boards are an essential part of any themed party. Day-care centres often use photo boards for a dual purpose at their schools;  It is a fun way to promote your school while at the same time advertising yourself.

   7. Backdrops


Any Mural can become a backdrop:  

  • Mottled backdrops like those used by photographers,
  • Or any themed backdrop for party planners or moms wanting to create a fabulous themed party.

The Backdrop may be painted on canvass, strong special fabric that is lighter, or thin board. All these Backdrops may be transported easily.  

   8. Businesses


This  category features:

  • Day care centres
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Indoor play areas
  • Church Aftercares
  • Pre -Schools
  • Libraries 

As you enter any Indoor Play Areas and/or Day-Care Centres, one is either immediately impressed or dissapointed with the first impression.I find that giving your establishment a beautiful and inviting Mural, not only creates interest with the kids, the parents love it too, and the teachers and staff enjoy the new environment so much more. Suddenly a dead corner becomes the "Frog" corner, or "Kids please gather at the Castle entrance" I heard a teacher say. I Love it, and the Kids love it even more!


   9. Team Building


Successful team interventions have been held with the following companies:

  • PEP Stores
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Bevcan
  • TowerStone
  • British Consulate in collaboration with the Tygerbear Foundation
  • Home makeovers in collaboration with New Kidz on the Block, Woolworths and My school

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   10. Schools & Education